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Servicing Micro Businesses With 
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Servicing Micro 
Businesses With 
Corporate Quality 


Estie Starr is an award-winning business consultant, exceptional marketing strategist, avid speaker, and founder of Strand Consulting, a multinational business consultancy that’s focused on helping small business owners scale their businesses to make big profits. She believes very strongly that people can build professional and profitable businesses doing what they love, and she’s here to guide them so they can bring their vision to life with a lot more ease.

Estie has been a certified professional coach for over 12 years and she pours all her experience into her work, making her services highly valuable and effective to anyone who seeks them. Through Strand Consulting, Estie is able to help small business owners around the world by providing business and marketing strategies that will allow them to launch and scale their businesses. 
The Estie STARR Mission:
Who We Serve and Why We’re Here
“One thing I love about working with Estie and her company, is that she has the ability to look through the eyes of the entrepreneur and see the big vision. She's able to drill down to the detail on what is required to ACTION that vision...”

- Peter Sage, Entrepreneur and Author
Never waste money on marketing again! It's a known fact that most of the money invested by SMB's in "marketing" is not used optimally.

Join Estie for a transformational journey as you take your business from wherever you are to $10,000 per month PROFIT. We begin by aligning the 3 core elements of your business — branding, marketing, and selling — to create a business marketing strategy that reliably generates sales, every time. We then move on to implementation, dream staffing and the setup and integration of the 5 key business pillars so you too can earn more money with less headache. 
The LinkedIn15 Program gives you everything from the basic training, all the way to the “secret strategies” you’ll need to know on LinkedIn to turn connections into clients, investing less than 15-minutes a day for 15-days!

You will receive step-by-step guidance so you know EXACTLY what you need to do in order to maximize LinkedIn to get reliable clients and customers.

Discover what work in the feed and how to leverage the algorithm so your posts and comments get you free exposure and influence in your market. 

I was very skeptical to take an online course. I'm a social person, and need live interaction. I understood very little about marketing and needed help, so I gave it a chance. Wow! Am I glad I did.  The truth is Estie's course should be called Business 101! She goes into such depth, giving so much more than I could have ever hoped to receive. Worth every minute of my time. And money well spent. 

PS. I doubled my sales, and opened up a store front, all during the time of the course.

Debbie Hirth, Toronto, Canada
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Discover the clarity and strategy to market yourself and your business successfully.
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